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Find your power and have a positive, empowered birth experience

Welcome to The Birth Circle, my beautiful human, I’m so glad you are here. Are you ready to find your power and have a positive, empowered birth experience? I am here for you.

Birthing your baby should be the greatest experience of your life. Regardless of how you birth, or what direction it takes, you should feel respected, safe and heard. Birth trauma is all too common, but that doesn’t make it normal.

Studies show having a doula makes it less likely you’ll have unnecessary intervention and more likely to view your birth experience positively. So don’t leave it to chance. It’s time to invest in your birth and in yourself. It’s the greatest form of self care.

We’re your Mackay Doula and we’re here for you, to support you through your positive birth experience.

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All Birth is Birth

And your experience is valid.

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I am so grateful for the service and support of Kiah at the Birth Circle. Kiah was a calming and guiding force throughout my pregnancy. After losing a baby at 24 weeks in 2020 and being deemed high risk – Kiah was always ready with some helpful advice or just an ear to listen to my concerns and worries.

Her advice was never forceful or overbearing but always helpful and informative, reminding me that I had choices in my journey. Our planning sessions meant that my partner and I knew what I wanted and how to express that to our medical team in whatever circumstances. She was flexible enough to support me wherever my anxious mind took us on this long journey.

Without Kiah’s  support and friendship – I am not sure if my pregnancy, labour and delivery would have been such an enjoyable and empowering experience.


Kiah is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the birthing world. She is so lovely and warm to speak to and goes above and beyond to help with any questions/worries you might have. She has so much insight, from her own research and  experiences, that she is able to really connect with you and share your journey professionally and emotionally. She really is such a great support, Every time I have spoken with Kiah, I have left feeling very empowered and strong – she helped me to believe and trust in myself and my body.


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About Us

About Us

I’m kiah. I am your stereotypical Sagittarius- outspoken, passionate and  fiercely loyal. I love reading historical fiction, sunrise walks along Mackay’s beautiful beaches, and deep, genuine conversation. I love to talk, and will try watching almost anything. I have a strong sense of justice, and will always stand up for what I believe is right. I am the mother of three beautiful souls and have spent a third of my life in love with my husband Ben.