Positive Birth Affirmation Card Deck.


 Bring calm, awareness to your birthing preparations with these positive birthing affirmation cards.

Birth may happen in the pelvis, but the real work happens in your mind. Mindfulness and hypnotherapy techniques have a powerful role in birth because they help to acknowledge, and work through fear, reduce anxieties and produce calm energy to fuel your parasympathetic nervous system.

Our cards are the recommended Birth Affirmation Card Deck in Australia for Mummas and birth workers alike. A modern deck. complete with beautiful and captivating images and inspiring affirmations. They are one SIMPLE yet POWERFUL Tool for your best birth!

To be used in conjunction with any hypnobirthing, calm birthing, sheBirths or another mindful Antenatal education program to reduce anxiety, fear labour complications.

Product Information

  • Includes seventeen (17) colour cards + three (3) bonus blank cards =Total twenty (20) cards.
  • Superior hard putter box, with draw tray – portrait orientation.
  • A5 (21cmx15cm) 450gsm gloss with covered edges.
  • Best birth co. branded reverse side.
  • Each card has a selection of affirmations and positive birthing quotes selected to assist with the visualisation dilation, baby decent, to maintain focus, reduce fear and improve birth outcomes.