Antenatal Expressing Kit


The Birth Circle Antenatal Expressing Kit contains everything you need to express and store Colostrum.

So you can be prepared for when baby arrives and set yourself up for breastfeeding success.

Having a stash of colostrum on hand can help GD babies to maintain blood sugar levels, babies separated from their mothers after birth to prevent the use of formula and just to have on hand in the early breastfeeding days.

Each kit contains

1 x Freezable Bamboo Storage Container.

2 x 30ml Measuring Cup W/ Lids.

1 x Hand Expressing Technique Instruction Card.

5 x 1ml Sterile Syringe.

5 x 3ml Sterile Syringe.

3 x 5ml Sterile Syringe.

2 x 10ml Sterile Syringe.

15 x Syringe Caps.

15 x Printed Syringe Labels.